Outlaw Big Game Hounds

Outlaw Hounds is a big game kennel located in the mountains of Southeast Tennessee.  We produce and train hounds for the purpose of hunting bear and boar. These dogs are the result of generations of selective breeding for the most desired traits. They are hunted hard and have been proven to successfully catch game.

We do not breed dogs just to sale. If we make a cross, it is one out of proven dogs that we believe will benefit our pack. Our goal is to produce well-balanced hounds. A dog may have all the speed in the world, but if they have no nose or grit or won't tree they are not going to make a bear dog. We strive to get the most of each desirable trait. A big game hound needs; nose and brains to find a track and trail it up, speed to overtake it, drive to pursue as long as it takes, grit to make it bay or tree, and tree-power to stay. These abilities, along with proper physical characteristics are what we try to improve with each generation. 

 These hounds are bear dogs and hog dogs, but they have also performed well on a variety of game throughout the country and successfully competed in many competitions. Some of these competitions include: The APA TN Plott Round Up in 2005 and 2006, The VBHA Bear Bay in 2007, The APA TN Sectionals in 2007, The APA Breed Days in 2012 and 2013. In the last year of live competition, our Plotts won the world's largest big game event, The American Plott Association Breed Days 2013. We finished 1st in the All Plott Bear Bay and 4th in the Open Competition.

 Check out the profiles and pictures of a few of our hounds and some of the game they have caught. Then let us know if you think an              Outlaw Hounds' dog is right for you.

Outlaw Hounds is in no way affiliated or associated with the former kennel known as:   Outlaw Kennel's Wilson and McCarter's Big Game Hounds.